Who Pays for Legal Fees in a Divorce in New York?

When it comes to divorce proceedings in New York, one of the most common questions is who is responsible for paying the legal fees. According to the Domestic Relations Act, attorney fees are allowed and can be awarded when one spouse earns more money than the other. People often come to me as a Buffalo divorce lawyer and ask if they can require their spouse to pay for their attorney's fees. New York courts try to encourage spouses to resolve their divorce and accept the terms of their divorce out of court. To help with this, Michael Ranzenhofer, an experienced divorce lawyer from Buffalo, has created an educational video on legal issues.

It is important to remember that any legal procedure requires the skillful guidance of a qualified lawyer who can effectively protect your rights. If you are considering filing for divorce, contact the Law Offices of Jason Lutzky today to schedule your free initial consultation and discuss your case with an experienced divorce attorney.

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