How Much Does a Divorce Cost in New York State?

When it comes to the cost of a divorce in New York State, there are several factors to consider. This includes the cost of an attorney, photocopies, notary fees, transportation, mail, process server fees, and more. The amount you will pay for your attorney's services will depend on the issues that need to be resolved in your divorce. Since many judges prefer “no-fault” divorces over “fault” divorces, you may be in a better position with the court than your spouse if you seek a “no-fault” divorce.

One way to reduce the cost of a divorce is to use a mediator instead of an attorney. A mediator is not a lawyer, but they can help by facilitating negotiations between you and your spouse at a lower cost than an attorney.

Divorce lawyers

typically charge by the hour, so their hourly rate will be the first component of your total costs. Other factors that can increase the cost of a divorce include the length of time it takes to complete the process.

A divorce is considered contested when you and your spouse disagree on part or all of the divorce. According to a survey of New York readers, nearly eight out of ten had legal help with their divorces and 83% of those readers hired a “full lawyer” who handled everything from start to finish. Since divorce lawyers charge for contested divorces by the hour, the cost of your divorce can be quite high.

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