What is average cost of divorce in pa?

The divorce lawyer you hire will have a big impact on your divorce costs, but that doesn't mean that the cheapest lawyer in town will actually save you money in the long run. An experienced divorce lawyer will ensure that assets are properly titled to avoid unforeseen tax consequences. The low-cost divorce option in PA is called a “no-fault and mutually consented divorce, also known as a no-contest divorce. It will also take time for your lawyer to negotiate a settlement agreement and, if that doesn't work, even more time to prepare and represent you in a divorce trial.

When choosing the right divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania, you want to consider much more than just the cost of services. Once the client decides to file for divorce, an attorney will draft a petition for divorce indicating the party's intention to divorce. The best advice for choosing the right divorce lawyer in Pennsylvania is to seek character, education and reputation. If you are concerned about being able to afford a divorce lawyer, it may help to know that Pennsylvania law authorizes judges to order one spouse to pay the other's attorney's reasonable fees and expenses while the divorce is still ongoing.

It's also important to realize that divorce can end up affecting your wallet long after your divorce decree is issued. An uncontested divorce is a cheaper option because of its duration and the lack of need to hire an attorney. A divorce lawyer can help you with child custody arrangements to ensure that your parental rights are protected. A good family lawyer can help you navigate the many questions and uncertainties that arise with filing for divorce in Pennsylvania.

PA divorce law states that litigants in a divorce matter must be placed on an equal footing, and have equal access to legal advice to protect their own interests, regardless of whether or not they have the means to allow it.

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