How to Speed Up a Divorce in Pennsylvania

Fortunately, Pennsylvania has implemented Law 102, which helps to expedite the divorce process in some cases. If you are filing for a no-fault divorce, you may only need to wait one year before you can get a divorce faster. No-fault divorces are much more common than fault-based divorces, where one spouse is legally considered to be the victim of misconduct determined to be the reason for the divorce. It is best to consult with your divorce lawyer to determine which type of divorce is best for you.

House Bill 380, also known as the Pennsylvania Divorce Law, allows for a no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences. This law states that couples only need to have been living separately for one year in order to file for a no-fault divorce. This is much faster than when the two spouses disagree on the need for divorce, which often required showing that the married couple had been living separately for at least two years. Once both spouses reach an agreement on issues related to the divorce, a Pennsylvania divorce lawyer can help with the drafting of a marriage agreement.

The lawyer then rushes to find a clerk of the judge willing and able to review the file and ask the judge to sign his final judgment of divorce. When filing for a fault divorce, you will need to provide the court with a specific reason for your divorce. Fault-based divorces can take longer, as you need time to gather evidence and develop a case strategy. If you are planning to file for divorce, you may wonder how long the divorce process will take and what is the quickest way to get a divorce.

The Davis Divorce Act does not sell divorce kits or DIY (do it yourself) divorce instructions. However, if you are seeking a no-fault divorce based on irreconcilable differences, then Pennsylvania law imposes a one-year waiting period from the time of separation before either spouse can file for divorce. Having an experienced attorney who can quickly prepare documents, get each of your signatures, and get your final judgment request from the judge as soon as possible is key in speeding up your divorce process. We understand that no two divorce cases are the same, and finalizing your divorce in a timely manner is extremely important.

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